Relationship Skills Bootcamp (RSBC)  

RSBC is a 9-week long, video-based course with LIVE weekly office hours that teaches you the science and step-by-step strategies of how to make any relationship successful.  

Taught by E! Network's Dr. Darcy, host of Famously Single, and her wife, Stephanie Sterling, LCSW.  

2 Licensed Therapists. Relationship Experts. Ivy League Educated.  

Teaching relationship skills is all we do - every day. 

Whether you're single and wanting to stop dating the same person again and again, or you're in a relationship that's seen its best years come and go, RSBC will give you actionable skills to bring your relationship game to a level you never imagined possible. 

Meet Darcy

Dr. Darcy Sterling is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the star of E! Network’s hit show Famously Single. Darcy shares her New York City practice, Alternatives Counseling, with her wife Stephanie, where they specialize in teaching high-achieving individuals relationship skills. Dr. Darcy received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University in 1996, and her Ph.D. from New York University’s School of Social Work in 2006. Dr. Darcy is a contributor to The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and Mind Body Green, and she has been featured in Jezebel, Perez Hilton, US Magazine and Upworthy. When she’s not teaching relationship skills, Darcy’s likely dancing at Broadway Dance Center in New York City or playing with her makeup.  

Meet Steph

Steph received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University in 2006 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York State.  

After receiving her MSW, Steph first worked at St. Vincent’s Hospital in the HIV/AIDS Outpatient Clinic where she was an Adolescent Specialist, and later, Steph was hired to work at internationally renowned Bellevue Hospital, where she was exposed to arguably the top psychiatric training in the world.  

After experiencing the transformation that couples counseling had on her relationship with Darcy (whom she married in 2009), Steph became a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, and today she specializes in working with couples, teaching them relationship skills at Alternatives Counseling, which se co-owns. Steph's couples training continues today through The Gottman Institute. Her life’s mission is to help couples create their ideal relationship by enhancing their communication skills and deepening their emotional connection.  

When Steph isn’t working with clients, she is either taking care of the four furry babies she shares with Darcy: Teddy-Bear, Luna-Bear, Buddha-Bear and Sugar-Bear (you can follow each of them on IG), or she’s working out at her favorite CrossFit box.  

The Sterlings

We met through work and spent years admiring each other’s clinical skills while we nurtured a best-friendship. We began dating in 2006, got engaged in 2007, and were married in 2009.  

That’s the bulleted-version of our relationship, but the reality is that we’re a couple and we’ve made just about every relationship mistake that two people can make. Whatever missteps we didn’t make on each other, we made with our exes. We went through years of feeling misunderstood, unheard, criticized, and taken for granted. But because we are respected therapists, we had access to some of the best relationship experts and couples counselors in the world.

We came out of the depths of relationship hell committed to dedicating our lives to teaching others what we’d learned – knowing that the masses wouldn’t have access to the experts we had access to. 

We’ve dedicated our lives to helping people succeed in love.  

Because we believe in love and we want it for you.  

And we believe - no, we know - that you can have love you’re dreaming of.  

It’s our life’s work to help you write your own love story. 

How Does RSBC Work?

Once a week for 9-weeks, you'll receive a video lesson which you'll access in the member's only site.  

You'll then download that week's worksheet which will guide you through practicing that week's relationship skill.  

Later that week, you'll log in to RSBC's Office Hours, where you'll meet with Steph & Darcy in a LIVE video call.  

There, you'll get to ask them any questions you have about that week's lesson.  

We hold your hand every step of the way in RSBC.  

That's why EVERYONE who registers for RSBC makes it through - literally to the end.  

This is not one of those courses that'll collect virtual dust.  

Everyone starts RSBC on the same date. Everyone finishes RSBC on the same date.  

In between, you'll receive skills that you can't get anywhere else.  

When you're done, you'll know you received the highest value from your investment.  

And once you're alumnus, you're a Relationship Skills Boot Camper. FOR. LIFE.  

That's right. Every year we improve the course, we add new elements, making it more robust.  

And you get to attend RSBC each year for free.  

For more information on RSBC, and to preview our syllabus, click here. 

Who Should Take RSBC?

Great Relationships Aren't Rocket Science. They're Habits. And You Can Learn Them.

Your love life is nothing more than a result of your habits. 

If those habits are amazing, you’ll have an amazing love life. If those habits suck, your love life will suck.

If you want the formula to an extraordinary relationship, if you're tired of fumbling your way through love, if you want researched-based tools to apply to your life immediately, than RSBC is for you. 

Single, Coupled or Somewhere in the Middle -

YOU need Relationship Skills.  


Break the Cycle of Endless First Dates

Dating can feel like a part-time job. Especially first dates, which often feel like job interviews. What if you next first date was your last date? 

Stop Dating the Same Person Again & Again

Do the same issues come up, no matter who you date? Does it always seem to end the same way? Learn the reason why and what you can do to break the pattern. 

Dare for More

Choose to transform yourself, your life, and all your relationships. 


Bypass Fighting

Every relationship has moments of conflict and disagreement, but not every relationship has fighting. Learn how to navigate those tough moments so you come out feeling heard, understood, and closer.

Trust Your Partner

Learn the key to trusting your partner and getting your partner to trust you. Say goodbye to jealousy. Forever.

Reignite Passion

Sex is amazing in the beginning of relationships. RSBC teaches you how to tap into that passion again - this time, forever.

Don't leave the odds of your relationship to the odds of a coin toss.

When you're ready for change, RSBC is ready for you. 

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